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T-Shirt Ideas Submission Competition

Do you have an idea? Do you want $100? Well, we'll give $100 to anyone who gives us a best-selling and completely original design, phrase or slogan. Submit your idea below and we'll contact you if you're successful! Terms and conditions apply.

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Chargrilled Slogan Voter

System Updates Today, System Issues Tomorrow

Chad Elliott

I'm Here To Kick Ass & Chew Bubble Gum And Am Fresh Out Of Bubble Gum.


My Way Is The High Way [marijuana leaf pic]

Chad Elliott

Every planet needs a dump Earth has Birmingham

Sparticus Jones

A phrase to print on a T shirt " There are two mistakes in this this sentence."


An image of deadpool, holding a unicorn under his right arm, a box of tissues in his left hand and wearing crocs, with writing above saying "real men wear crocs"

Richard Bridgen

I'm attractive to women, sometimes even the living ones.


I only feel uncomfortable around other people and myself

Chad Elliott

Sex with a psychotic woman is great, it's the sleeping with one eye open that's the ball ache.


THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY ..Oh it's Monday.. Shit!


PREGNANT... [That's nine months of my life I'm not getting back]


HAPPILY MARRIED [To someone else]


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